Web3 leveling the field and being the great equalizer of this age

Let’s be honest about this… we are in a crucial place when we talk about Web3 nowadays because of the bear market.

And you might say that nothing good can come out of the Web3 Space now.

Although I understand the situation and can agree with most people’s sentiments, I don’t totally agree that nothing good can come out now.

I just happened to stumble upon a really good Defi protocol that – although is not totally immune to the bear market – is not as vulnerable as the others and is still generating revenues even in the current situation.

In my latest podcast episode on the Freedom with NFTs podcast, I interviewed a great leader, entrepreneur, artist, and such an inspiring person. He is the mind and soul behind the EMP and ESHARE tokens as well as the entire EMP Defi protocol – AJ Brockman.

The topics we’ve covered in this podcast episode are really inspiring and encouraging, especially to those who are hanging on during this bear market phase in Web3.

About AJ Brockman

Before I proceed to talk about the juicy stuff we discussed during the show, let’s first take a look at the man behind this genius.

AJ Brockman is not new to the business, art, technology, or Web3 space. He is a long-time crypto veteran and self-made millionaire from early 2017. He’s also been in a lot of successful and unsuccessful Web3 projects, which helps him see what really works and what does not.

Even before the Web3 space, AJ has already been involved in many business ventures like art galleries, breweries, music, events, and a lot more.

Aside from this, one of the biggest factors that thrust him into the Web3 space is his artistic inclination and passion for technology. AJ is not just a businessman but also an artist. And having been diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), AJ had to rely mostly on technology to do all the things that he needs to do on a daily basis. And so, he developed a passion for innovation and making technology better.

Combining these two agents, AJ found the perfect platform, which is the Web3 space. And one of the most notable artworks he has ever created was the portrait of President Obama and his family, which he was able to give to the president himself and was placed in the Whitehouse, and later on, was selected to be added to the collection “2012: The Year in Pictures.”

And now, AJ has found yet another way to get involved in technological advancement, both in business and arts, through the NFT, crypto, and Web3 space.

I can talk about this wonderful person for hours, but there wouldn’t be enough time, so let’s move on and take a peek at the podcast episode with AJ.

Web3 – the great equalizer

For AJ, the Web3 space showed a new world where everyone is equal and has an equal chance in all opportunities.

During the podcast, AJ explained how the Web2 and the Web3 space propelled him into success by being tools to further his career without being limited by his disabilities.

“Web3, overall, I think is an amazing opportunity not only for financial independence but also really bringing us into a new world through NFTs, through other major use cases. In blockchain technology, everybody says “I’m here for the tech” but I really am here for the tech. I’ve had a lot of money in crypto but even if I hadn’t, I would still be just as passionate about crypto because it really is the great equalizer. In my career, I love the fact that I was never judged on my disability. I was only judged on my artwork. That was really so powerful to me.”

And honestly, I agree with this one hundred percent.

The EMP.Money Protocol

EMP.Money is a Defi protocol that AJ founded a couple of years back and until now, even with the bear market going on, EMP and ESHARE, the tokens made in EMP.Money, is still thriving.

EMP.Money’s goal is not to make money fast. The goal is to become a stable and bear-market-resistant Defi protocol in the long run.

AJ’s principle is that the people who take the effort to work hard, learn more, and really put time and energy into learning the crypto and Web3 market have a higher chance of success than those who want short-term success because they are in for the right reasons.

And so, EMP.Money is different from other Defi protocols in the way that AJ created this from the perspective of the investors. And he asks himself, “What would I want to see on and from a project/investment?”

With this in mind, he built EMP.Money with the investors having access to him, the founder, and the team, full transparency, and education, through the EMP.Academy. They are teaching their investors not only how to invest and trade but also how to help make the protocol sustainable so that it will not fall to zero during trading.

And what’s amazing about EMP.Money is that it is constantly moving, without the risk of losing revenue. And they do this by launching projects that will yield more revenue while maintaining stability on their main tokens, ESHARE and EMP.

I am blown away by this and really amazed at how investor-focused this decentralized ecosystem is.

Aside from the technical aspect of this crypto project, you will also find one of the best communities there is in the crypto space. Not only are they cool and professional, they are also very active and willing to jump in, learn and grow more.

It makes me believe that the community truly reflects the founder and the team.

Sound advice from a crypto-millionaire

I asked AJ for advice for those who are planning to launch their own crypto or NFT projects and this is what he said.

“You really have to do the best DYOR, do your own research. You have to go through every possible scenario in your head, what can go wrong what can go right and you have to be prepared for all that before you even think about launching. Go through everything and know it’s not as easy as it may seem on the surface. Other than that, you have to be here for the right reasons.”

Such simple but really sound advice because it all goes down to how prepared you are in all situations that could arise during the launch.

End Note

AJ Brockman and his crypto project, the EMP.Money is one of the best and most unique crypto and Web3 projects that I have ever seen and if you want to know more about AJ and EMP.Money, check them out on their socials and the links below.

Connect with EMP.Money: https://emp.money/#/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmpMoneyBSC 

And be sure to listen to the full episode of this podcast here!

We are honored to support your NFT journey!

Lauren Turton

and the Freedom with NFTs team

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