The NFTs for Women – The SheQuest project

Are men never equal to women? Why?

Did you know that In America women get paid ¢82 to every $1 that a man makes?

Women account for only 16% of the NFT market?

Even the leading women of Web 3 have had to go above and beyond the men in Web 3.

So, the question is, what can we do to bridge this gap that even the new technology is not able to address?

Thankfully, there are people out there who also see this problem and would want to do something about it.

During one of the NFT conferences, I met BigLu – Luis Flores – a producer and director who has worked on several projects in Hollywood and has now started working on NFT projects.

A common friend approached me and talked about the documentary that BigLu wanted to create for women in Web3 and he is looking for a host. Long story short, I talked with BigLu and we decided to work together.

What is SheQuest about?

BigLu and I wanted to create a space for women to learn new skills, get paid for these new skills, find lasting opportunities for financial freedom, and get education and support every step of the way.

Our vision for SheQuest is:

1. Education and support for women to become Web 3 developers and obtain a skill set that will provide them with endless opportunities.

2. Legal support structure for women in web 3 world to reflect and get answers from qualified legal professionals pertaining to their projects so they have the guidance and support needed to make educated decisions with their NFTs and Smart Contracts.

3. Business education and strategy for women needed to expand their Web 3 business so their business can flourish and have a massive impact.

4. Sponsorship for women on their Web 3.0 projects so they can focus on creating a project with impact without the financial burden.

5. A feature-length film/documentary that tells the stories of the leading women in Web 3 to celebrate their success and encourage others from their experiences. There will also be featurettes on our website, and a podcast.

Roadmap – The plan

To clearly explain how we would like to go about this project and how we see it unfold in the future, here’s the roadmap or business plan we created for it:

Note: This will be an NFT project. The NFTs will be dropped into segments so we can focus on small growth from within the community. Then, 50% of primary sales will go directly to support programs, scholarships, documentaries, and podcasts.

Phase 1:

  • Building the community
  • Building the company
  • Drop #1 with 1920 NFTs
  • Start of the SheQuest documentary for women in Web3.

Phase 2:

  • Developing the program

– Web3 Developer Program

– Legal Counsel Program

– Business Expansion Program

  • Continuing the documentary
  • Drop #2 of NFTs

Phase 3:

  • Drop #3 of NFTs
  • Enroll students in the programs
  • Deploy Scholarships
    Continue documentary

Phase 4:

  • Drop #4 of NFTs
  • Graduate students from the program
  • Continue to enroll students in the program
  • Continue to deploy scholarships
  • Edit and release documentary

This roadmap though is still subject to changes and there are still more plans for the project, including virtual and real-life events for women in Web3, to give a chance for us to interact not only in the Web3 space but also have real-life connections.

Can there really be equality between men and women?

We believe that because of NFTs, we now have the opportunity and a chance to start fresh. It means that this new “world” is giving us the chance to level the playing field and finally, be able to break stereotypes.

But our mission and vision are only as good as our community.

And so, we want to ask you to join the SheQuest movement. Be part and take action in the movement to change women’s lives through the Web3 space.

We are honored to support your NFT journey!

Lauren Turton

and the Freedom with NFTs team

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