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Are you tired of getting left behind on new technology that can change
how the world works?

It's time to step up and be on top of your game.

The NFT 101 Course is created for artists, entrepreneurs, service providers and every one who wants to learn this new technology – NFTs – and leverage it to make a successful business inside the NFT space.

Here's what you'll find inside this course:

Who should enroll to the NFT 101 Course?

And basically, ANYONE who is interested and would want to learn more about NFTs and how to leverage them, or generate additional income streams while building a community of people with the same passion and interests.

If you want to belong to this community of people, join us now and let’s take this journey together. 

Meet the Coach - Lauren Turton

Lauren Turton

is a public speaker, podcast host, self-portrait photographer, restauranter, nonprofit vice president, and NFT enthusiast.

And now, she is on a mission to empower others in creating their version of freedom and she believes one of the best ways to do this is by leveraging NFTs.

Even before jumping into NFTs, Lauren has a successful business coaching entrepreneurs on creating High Ticket offers, finding their target audience, and launching their products.

She is bringing this knowledge and experience as she walks through the step by step of how to leverage NFTs in the NFT 101 course.

Why Learn NFT 101 with us?



Easy & relatable



Lauren Turton has been an established name in the business coaching, marketing, and product launching industry before she went full-time into the NFT space. 

So it’s rest assured that the information and knowledge she’d be sharing with you have been carefully researched, studied, and verified before being handed over. 

That is our guarantee!


Easy and relatable

If you found Lauren in her social media pages or through the Discord Community, you will know by now that Lauren is bubbly, sweet, down to earth, and very practical with the tips and advice she gives to her community.

And this is exactly how this course is – super practical, step-by-step, and easy to understand, even for those who have zero knowledge about NFTs.



Since June, Lauren has spent 1,000 hours learning, implementing, and connecting in the NFT space.

Lauren’s restaurant, Ciao Ciao Piadina is the first independently owned restaurant to drop an NFT project that generates the restaurant in real life sales.

In Lauren’s podcast, Freedom with NFTs, she interviews NFT gurus who share their experience, tools, and tips about the NFT technology.

And this is exactly the kind of experience she’s going to impart to you as she imparts her journey and help you learn NFTs, step by step.

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And Freedom with NFTs and Lauren Turton will guide you and hold your hand to
make sure you are well supported with the foundation you need in this space.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! This course is designed for those that do not have NFT experience or knowledge 

Lauren Turton, founder of Freedom with NFTs, has spent over 1,000 hours in the NFT space and her restaurant has dropped the first NFT project to generate a restaurant in real life sales. On top of that, on her podcast Freedom with NFTs she interviews NFT gurus, like Gary Vee, who share their experience, tools, and tips.

Lauren has a lot of value in the NFT space to share with you! 

  • Access to the Freedom with NFTs 101 Course
  • Access to the Freedom with NFTs Discord Community
  • Weekly livestream Q&A’s with Lauren Turton and other experts in the NFT space 

One time payment of $27

1.This course includes Full lifetime access
2.We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 24 hours of purchased.


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