Next Steps for NFT Newbies

So, you’ve finally decided you’re going to dive into the confusingly magnificent world (or universe, rather) of NFTs.

You’ve done your research and decided to jump the gun to explore more about NFTs and how you can use it to leverage your business or project.

Now, what should you do?

This is a totally understandable question that many NFT beginners are asking. And here are some steps I want to share with you on how you can properly start your NFT journey.

Step 1: Get Informed

According to Gary Vee, one of the biggest NFTs enthusiasts and promoters in the metaverse, you have to spend at least 50 hours researching and learning about NFTs to get a grasp of what it is.

Luckily, there is a lot of information already available there now. Unfortunately, there is TOO MUCH information to consume that can cause a lot of confusion also.

What I would suggest is for you to find a “mentor”. Because of the accessibility of information nowadays, people who have been into the NFT space early on have started to share their knowledge about them.

What I would suggest is that you find a mentor in the NFT space with who you resonate and you understand more than everyone else. Follow the right people.

We have different learning styles and learning curves. Find someone who teaches about NFTs in a manner that you understand easily – someone who “gets” you and understands your flow.

It will be a challenge at first and will take a lot of research to do, but once you find that person, your NFT journey will be a lot easier and smoother.

Step 2: Get Involved

After you’ve found your “mentor”, it’s now time to find your tribe. Immerse yourself into the NFT universe and get to know more about the NFT space with people you resonate with.

How do you find your tribe then?

If you found your mentor, finding your tribe may actually be a lot easier. Most people who are in sharing their thoughts and ideas in the NFT space already have their own Discord communities.

I recommend that you join their communities for starters.

Another way to find your tribe is to look for a subject that you’re interested in and search for communities on Discord.

For example, you are a mental health professional who wants to get into the NFT space.

You can search for a Discord community that discusses NFT projects about mental health services and mental health awareness.

To know more about how to navigate Discord, you can check our blog post about how to set up and connect to Discord Communities.

Step 3: Be Vigilant

The metaverse is much like the real world. There are good people and then, there are the opportunists who find the opportunity to rob others off their hard-earned money.

And this is why, we should always wear our mindful cap all the time and be on guard, especially when purchasing NFTs and connecting with people in the NFT space.

I have heard of many people who were scammed because they were too excited to buy the NFTs for FOMO and ended up anxious because of money lost.

So, always be vigilant. Ask questions, check in with your community about the project, ask your mentor and most importantly, do a background check about the NFT project.

Step 4: Be Excited

Being vigilant doesn’t mean you have to rob it out of all excitement.

Exploring the NFT space is fun, especially if you are with the right people. This is why I am always excited to guide you through the journey myself. It’s fun to see the growth of the NFT space, the new projects getting launched, new ideas brewing, and NFTs developing into the mainstream.

It’s like watching Facebook start from a dorm room into this mega-company now.

Step 5: Be Updated

The NFT space is fast-paced and continuously changing day by day. So, I encourage you to stay updated on the new developments to make sure you are in the loop.

Always check the latest NFT project launches, what updates are there in the marketplace, and if there are any changes that will impact you or your community.

This is all part of being in the metaverse. It’s like watching the news in the real world – except, we are watching the news about NFTs.

Finally, Be Equipped

You can’t come into the battle empty-handed (Ok, that’s a bit dramatic). But seriously, being in the NFT space, you have to at least have the basics.

And there are a lot of people now who are teaching about NFTs and the basics of how to get into the space.

FreedomwithNFTs is one of those places. And right now, we are offering the NFT 101 Course where you can learn all about the basics of NFTs, making sure you are equipped and supported as you get deeper into the NFT space.

The goal of the NFT 101 Course is that at the end of the course, you will be able to explore NFTs more confidently and finally, be able to leverage NFT for your business or art projects.

Check out the NFT 101 Course page to learn more.

We are honored to support your NFT journey!

Lauren Turton

and the Freedom with NFTs team

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  1. May I simply say what a relief to uncover somebody that really understands what theyre discussing over the internet. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people really need to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that youre not more popular because you certainly have the gift.

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