Bring Your NFT Arts to Life through an Out-of-this-World Experience!

Let’s bring your NFT art to life!

If you are an artist in the Web3 space who wants to bring your art over from the digital to the real world, here’s a chance for you.

The Space Station, an immersive art and events venue in Asheville, NC, will be launching an NFT collection called “Luminaries”. This NFT will make it possible for artists/members to have access to The Space Station and have their art featured.

Check out the details about The Space Station, Luminaries, and all the important need-to-knows below.

The Space Station

The Space Station is a real-life art and events venue located in Asheville, NC.

The vision is to create a space-themed, interactive art experience and a traveling event hub for immersive events nationwide.

And through the NFT launch, The Space Station will be giving artists membership to the company’s warehouse space, for their arts to be featured inside the art and event venue.


This NFT collection brought to us by The Space Station will be launched on November 11, 2022.

The Luminaries will act as membership cards to the company’s warehouse space plus a lot more benefits to the NFT holder.

There will be nine different types of Luminaries that will be available for sale, with varying prices and rarity, and a limited to 7,000 NFTs total will be minted during the launch.

Here are some of the out-of-this-world benefits that you can get when you mint The Luminaries.

✅ 2 years of unlimited in-person events.
✅ Lifetime access to The Space Station Media hub
✅ Lifetime access to Members-only events
✅ Access to the $LUMI Dao tokens (Exclusive)
✅ Members-only access to giveaways, concessions, discounts, airdrops, and more!
✅ And a lot more surprises are coming!

Take note of these important details:

👉 Who: The Space Station in Asheville, NC
👉 What: The Luminaries Launch
👉 When: November 11, 2022
👉 Where: Check out the website for updates!
👉 Why: Get the membership benefits of The Space Station and more!

The Space Station is proud to be one of the first web3 projects to use NFTs as a digital membership card to a physical venue, providing owners with access to owner-only events, free tickets, discounts on merchandise, and more.

The Space Station has also made purchasing an NFT as simple as entering credit card information into their website so that owning an NFT can be accessible for non-crypto natives.

Join in this another revolutionary Web3 move. Learn more about The Luminaries, and read the roadmaps and benefits on their website.

We are honored to support your NFT journey!

Lauren Turton

and the Freedom with NFTs team

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