Here's one effective tool to keep track of your IRL events contacts!

Are you overwhelmed with all of the contacts you made at an event? 

Not sure where to start in organizing it all?

Have no fear! We are here to help you stay organized!

Inside you will find a roadmap that will help you keep track of all the connections you made during an IRL event and how to follow up with them.

Hello! I am Lauren Turton, host of the podcast Freedom with NFTs, NFT Speaker, and Educator. 

With the world opening back up and getting into the swing of things with in-real-life events I know they can be overwhelming in regards to the connections that are made which is why I created this IRL Connections Roadmap.

In the next two sheets, you will find what is needed to keep track of the events you attend and the connections you make at the events.

My intention is for you to be organized and aligned during IRL events so when you get home you can follow up appropriately.

Take a listen to my podcast, Freedom with NFTs:

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You won't have to miss any IRL connections anymore!

Click below to Download the IRL Connections Roadmap

*NOTE: Access is View-Only. To use this Roadmap, kindly Make a new copy and edit it from your drive.

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