5 Things to Focus on When Marketing Your NFT

Why is it important to learn how to market your NFT project properly?

Of course, it is important!

Marketing is how you get eyes on your project. It is how you introduce your NFTs to the world and through your marketing, you can show people why they should care and support your project.

After the careful planning and execution of your NFT project, the next crucial step is to raise awareness and visibility to your project.

And the way to do that is through marketing.

One of the most basic marketing efforts is pitching your NFT project to media and other platforms. And most of the time, this is where a lot of NFT projects fail.

Let’s see what we can do to improve your marketing and make people care about your NFT project.

*Note: these steps are based on a case study of a pitch for HurmieNFTs.

THE 5 Important Factors in Marketing Your NFT Project

The biggest need in the NFT space right now is in the aspect of marketing.

Now, before we dive deeper into this topic, let me make one thing clear – the most important thing about marketing is being authentic.

Gone are the days when you have to”fake it till you make it”. Nowadays it’s being the “real” deal because people value authenticity and transparency. They want someone they can TRUST.

With all of these said, let’s talk about the 5 important factors to focus on when marketing your NFT project.

Marketing tip #1: Start with your WHY

Note this: Your “WHY” is your branding. And branding in marketing is everything.

Most people start with the “WHAT” and the “WHO”. And this is usually effective, especially the “who”, if you have someone famous onboard.

However, what will always leave a mark on people is your “Why”.

Why are you creating this project?

Share the story behind the project and make people see and understand why they should support you all the way.

We find that most of the NFT projects that took off and became big in the NFT space are those projects with a common cause behind the project.

Sharing your “why” will also make people understand and feel that they are part of a community supporting a project for a greater cause.

Most NFT projects that are going big in the NFT space right now are projects supporting mental health, environmental awareness, women equality in the metaverse, racial equality, and many others.

Marketing Tip #2: Define your tribe

This sometimes comes naturally once you’ve defined your “why”. When you start “niching down” your project for certain causes, people who resonate with your “why” will come in and check your project.

Moreover, it is helpful to define your tribe clearly.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Where do they usually spend their time on?
  • What common issues, related to your project, do they check on?
  • Who are the people/influencers or organizations they follow?

Do market research on your demographics because this will help you create a strategy and a plan that will be most effective.

Marketing Tip #3: Platforms to Publish On

Remember your market research? This is where you will find it really useful.

By defining your demographics, you will know where they spend most of their time online. This will then allow you to determine which platforms to market your NFT project.

It also lets you strategize and choose the right people and organizations to collaborate with in promoting your NFT project.

There are several things you can consider when looking for the right platform to market on.

  • Social media platforms
  • Groups and forums
  • Influencer collaboration/marketing
  • Traditional media – press conferences, radio, TV, and news articles.
  • Blogs and videos

Marketing Tip #4: Think about the utilities

This is most likely part of the NFT project planning more than marketing. Utilities NFTs are some of the longest-running NFTs.

They are not necessarily the biggest hype out there, but they are usually the ones who last longer and grow into bigger NFTs in the future.

So, as early as the planning phase, you already have to list this down.

  • What are the utilities/benefits that your NFT holders will get when they buy your NFT?
  • What problems will you be solving for your tribe aside from the common cause you are working towards?

Some of the most popular utilities in NFT projects are:

  1. Celebrity collab. One-on-one or group call with a famous celebrity you know or who is backing up your project.
  2. Exclusive events. It’s like entering an exclusive club with your own events and gatherings. They could be anything from workshops, seminars, conferences, auctions, clean-up drives (for environmental causes), or street arts.
  3. Free tickets. There are sports NFTs out there who give out free tickets to games like NFL, NBA, and FIFA. These are huge. And sports fans around the world get crazy around these NFTs.
  4. Services/consultations and memberships. If you are a service provider transitioning to NFTs, one of the utilities you can provide is your services. For example, if you are a therapist, you can provide a free one-hour consultation to your NFT holders. Or if you are a fitness expert, you can provide a free fitness consultation and session with your NFT holders.
  5. Free products and merchandise. One of the biggest moves in businesses right now is turning their products into NFTs. This means that every NFT represents a product in their store. And this can also be the case for your NFT project. If you are also doing physical products, you can add that as a utility.

Marketing Tip #5: Don’t forget to make it fun!

Of course, we understand that you are serious about this, but hey, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too, right?

A lot of NFT projects right now promote their NFTs by gamifying their promotions. Some examples of this are poker nights in Discord, trivia quizzes on Twitter and Discord, spot the difference games, raffles and anything fun they can come up with.

Gamifying your promotion really works because who wouldn’t want to participate in a good ol’ game and have a chance to get a free NFT or to get the NFTs for the lowest price.

Marketing Your NFT Project is not a Rocket Science

We understand that we want everything to be perfect, but hey, marketing is not rocket science. We believe everyone can do it.

Since we were all customers we all know what we want and how we want to be served. And so, that’s the basics of marketing.

Do to your audience what you want to be done to you by who you buy from.

Shout out to Hurmie for this wonderful case study. You can connect with him through the details below.

Name: Mike Hurm
Email: mike@everythingbaseballcatalog.com
Website: https://hurmienft.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hurmieNFT
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HurmieSportzPix

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We are honored to support your NFT journey!

Lauren Turton

and the Freedom with NFTs team

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