Female-Led NFT Projects that can change the world

Let’s face it, in the arena of computer science and information technology, there are not a lot of women who are recognized and given credit for.

It could be because it’s a male dominated industry or just that the women are mostly in the behind-the-scenes, but we can’t argue that this is a reality.

Now, the same could be said when it comes to NFTs as a lot of recognized faces and names in this space are men. However, as it progresses, more and more female led NFT projects are being recognized.

And not only that, they are also making a difference, not just inside the metaverse but in the real world, too.

Here are some of the female led projects that we would like to share with you.

Female-Led NFT Projects in the Metaverse

This is a combination of both the big projects and once that is personally recommended by Lauren.

Women and Weapons

Cause…why not?

This NFT project by Sara Baumann, aka “Sparky” is on top of our list because we just can’t NOT include this.

Her project Women and Weapons may sound aggressive, but it actually emphasized something our society can be overseeing. Women can be bold and fierce, too.

Women are usually not associated with weapons because we see women as soft and submissive. But hey, we all know that’s not the case. We can be gentle yet bold, soft yet fierce and most of all, we can be tough and dangerous.

Women and Weapons also aim to make women empowerment their mission even outside the metaverse, hence, they dedicated 5 percent of their total sales to the Malala Fund.

Check out their art here.

Shroom Chan

This project has a huge story and cause behind it, which is why we’ve added it as second in this list.

Shroom Chan is a female-led NFT project started by three Asian friends who saw the need to stand up for Asian creatives who are underpaid, underrepresented, and still live below the poverty line.

The project started with Project M: A platform for Asian creatives to submit their art, and get reasonable pay for their creations.

If you love anime and are one to appreciate manga and webisodes, this is something you might want to check out.

Check out their Twitter space here.

Women Rise

Much like the Women of the World, this NFT project aims to promote women worldwide through the artwork of Maliha Abidi.

In her artwork, Abidi creates representations of women from all around the world, with diversity that goes beyond skin color, or clothing style, and more into the different cultures, strengths, and roles that women conquer.

To further nail down their mission, Women Rise donates 2.5% of their sales to Malala fund.

Furthermore, they also donate 7.5% of their sales to multiple organizations supporting gender equality, girls’ education, and mental health in marginalized societies.

Check out their collection here.

“Will Your Heart Pass the Test?” NFT

How about fighting racism and sexism in the NFT space?

Yes, another woman chose to stand up to the challenge and created this project.

“Will your heart pass the test” is a charitable NFT project in collaboration with ILMxLAB that aims to highlight and respond to the growing number of racist and sexist imagery within the NFT ecosystem.

The project was inspired by the 3,000-year-old Egyptian myth where the heart is weighed on a scale against a feather and this will determine whether a soul can move to the afterlife.

It has such a huge value and weight behind this masterpiece that we can’t help but share it here.

The “Will your heart pass the test” audiovisual NFT will be auctioned in the auction house Phillips in December and 100% of the proceeds will go to The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (“The King Center”) and #StopAAPIHate organizations.

Fame Lady Squad

Alright! We can never make this list complete without Fame Lady Squad. It’s the representation of boldness, fierceness, and feminism in the NFT project.

This NFT project is led and run by a large women community with the aim to provide opportunities and support to women of all backgrounds in the Crypto/NFT space.

Although it didn’t have a good start, having had controversies in the beginning stage, it now turns out to be bigger than it was before.

The Fame Lady Squad originally made buzz, being the first ever “all-female led and female based” NFT project. Later on, it was found out that the original creators were actually men, and through the uprising of the members, the project was turned over to key members of the female community.

It is now organized and led by Bored Becky and NFTignition who are very active members and contributors in the NFT Space.

Now, they can truly say that this is an all-female run and led NFT project.

Check out the Fame Squad Lady project here.

Women Can…Women Will

There are a lot more female led NFT projects that are making the headlines out there, like the “Emotion Monsters” by Carren Aguirre – tackling more about mental health as well as The Tentaverse  for women who are into dystopian and science stuff.

And this just proves, time and time again, no matter in what space and universe it is, women can and women will.

We continually hope that more women get into this space and explore the unprecedented potential and possibilities inside the NFT space. 

And we will be very happy to hold you along the way and get there with you!

We are honored to support your NFT journey!

Lauren Turton

and the Freedom with NFTs team

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