Lesson #1: Your Mindset

In this module, we breakdown what mindset is and how to overcome your limiting beliefs. As business owners we always have obstacles and challenges to overcome which is when limiting beliefs arise, as we are facing new adversities. This inner work needs to be done for the rest of your life so carry these strategies with you and do this inner work often.

In this section, you will learn about mindset.

  • What mindset is
  • How to develop your mindset
  • How to clear anything blocking your mindset
  • How to reprogram your thinking
  • How to integrate mindset work into your daily life

Your assignment is to start integrating mindset work into your morning routine. 

Check in with yourself about where your mindset is on a scale of 1/10 so you can start to track what is going on in regards to your mindset. 

Check in with what needs more love and support so you can start to work on those areas of your life.