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Lauren Turton!

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I am a public speaker, podcast host , self-portrait photographer, restauranter, nonprofit vice president, and an NFT enthusiast.

I’ve had an interesting journey to get where I am today and I would like to share that with you: 

For many years I was working multiple jobs at a time to get by; from bartending and serving at restaurants, to working in the high end events industry, and so many more in between… but it wasn’t until I went all in on having my own business in 2018 that I realized my calling in life which is to help others in creating their version of freedom.

For the past three years I supported others in their business expansion journeys by helping them create and launch a high ticket offer then scale their business so that they achieved monthly sales goals like 10K, 20K, even 30K a month. It’s been an amazing journey, but I felt like something was missing. 

Over a decade ago I started a self-portrait photography project called Find The Hare. I take interestingly bizarre photographs of myself in a rabbit mask. This art form is one of the ways that I express myself. For many years I sold my work at events and in galleries as a side hustle. I’ve always had the thought of, “I wish Find The Hare could be a larger part of my life”…

In June of 2021 I found out about NFTs and my world was rocked. The technology and opportunities enthralled me.  Soon, I found myself spending all my time consuming NFT content and on August 17th, I made my first Tweet on Twitter about NFTs. 

Since that tweet, so much has unfolded at such a rapid rate including:

– Launching the podcast Freedom with NFTs

– Being a featured speaker at NFT events 

– Dropping NFT collections for Find The Hare 

– Investing in NFT projects I align with and support 

– Launching an NFT project for the restaurant I am co-owner of – Ciao-Ciao Piadina

– Connecting with hundreds of NFT enthusiasts around the world

Which leads us to where we are today! 

My goal is to share with you my experiences, tools, and tips in the NFT space so you can create your own freedom with NFTs. 

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